Volunteer Opportunities

Throughout the growing season we welcome volunteers to the farm from around the world. We have had people come from France, Germany, Scotland, Finland, Mexico, Australia, Taiwan, and Japan! Basically, it’s an exchange where we offer them room, board, and an opportunity to learn about growing food and they help us out at the farm! There are two websites we use that easily facilitate this. You can find out more through www.wwoof.ca and www.helpx.net.

If you live in the area, you are welcome to come get your hands dirty. Chances are pretty good that you’ll go home with a bag of veggies!

2 thoughts on “Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Hi Anna,
    Its Holly from Bellies to Babies. I’ve been thinking more about helping out at your farm this summer. If I come to help a morning a week or so (Monday mornings) would it be ok for my 3 and 7 year olds to come too? Would love to give them both that experience this summer but don’t want them to get in your way either. I know its still a ways down the road but its nice to start thinking/planning for the better weather 😉

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