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Wow, September already! Even though the weather is getting colder, the growing season isn’t over yet! Many of the vegetables we grow are frost hardy – including kale, broccoli,  and brussel sprouts. Also, thanks to our hoophouse – our tomatoes and cucumbers are still doing well. We just harvested all our squash today, and we will be bringing that to market for the next two months.

Here are some pictures of the farm!

IMG_20140827_110637 In the back field.

IMG_20140905_111407 Rowan helping dig potatoes!

IMG_20140827_110719 Inside the hoophouse. Look at all that kale!

Hoop House!

Spring is here and the first thing to grow in our garden is our new hoophouse! Thank you to our HelpXers Marion and Roosa from France and Finland and to John from North Tetagouche! It only took us 3 hours (with a leisurely lunch break) to put up. The hoop house measures 100 X 17 feet and will allow us to grow food earlier and later in the season. In the next couple weeks we will be preparing the soil and planting things like peas, spinach, and kale – things that don’t mind the cold.

Here’s a snapshot of how it went up:

Putting up the hoops! Our little helper! Spreading out the plastic Luckily it wasn't too windy Pulling the ropes tight Ta Da! Inside the finished tunnel!